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ScummVM lets you use modern computers to play an endless number of classic 'point and click' graphic adventure games that were most popular at the beginning of the 90s and developed by LucasArts, Sierra, or Westwood, among others.

To use the program you will need the original files of the game you want to play, which you look for on ScummVM and add to your library. Once there, you can change the graphic and audio configurations, and even customize the way you want to play the game using post-processing filters.

The list of compatible games is endless, and with every new version, new graphic engines are added in addition to the well-known Scumm system developed by LucasArts and used in games like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, or Sam & Max; or the SCI that Sierra used in the King's Quest saga, just to mention a few. What's really interesting is that many of these games, considered now 'abandonware', have been distributed freely by their original creators, so you can download and play games like Temptress, DreamWeb or Flight of the Amazon Queen, all of which are available on Uptodown.

ScummVM is a great tool to remember old classics on modern computers, with the extra advantage of modifying aspects of the graphics and sounds through an easy interface.
By Taryn
How to set up ScummVM on Android

Classic point-and-click graphic adventures are a genre that bring you back again and again, as few other subgenres remain as a testament of the prolific production from the late 90s. Fans of abandonware – indeed, nostalgic gamers in general – are probably already well acquainted with ScummVM, a program that can run several retro graphic adventures on modern machines without the headache involved in setting up an MS-DOS emulator. (In fact, tons of the retro games sold on platforms like Steam and GOG run using DOSBox.) But what few people know is that there's an Android port of ScummVM that adapts the controls to touchscreens and in recent years it's been tweaked to run much more smoothly. Plus there's a good handful of iconic graphic adventures you can play on it both freely and legally.
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How to correctly install and control ScummVM on Android

At this point you’re sure to have heard about ScummVM, the emulator that can run classic graphic adventures for PC on modern machines. As most of them originally used the mouse for their controls, they have a natural flair for being adapted to touchscreens, borne out by the countless remakes and editions that continue to appear for mobile devices. To help you get in on the action, here we offer a step-by-step tutorial to install ScummVM and configure it to run the biggest classics from LucasArts and Sierra on your Android. You can’t get cooler than playing Day of the Tentacle on your bus to work.
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